How The Program Works

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Online Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The online PPTTC is available at an economical fee of INR 16,500/250 USD. Upon signing up and paying the fee, a candidate receives all the study material online and is provided assistance by the tutors through chat, phone and mail. Each candidate is given unique username and password. The course is divided into eight phases and assignments are evaluated at the end of each phase. Upon successful completion, the candidate is rewarded the certification. This course takes a minimum of two months and a maximum of six to eight months to complete.

Distance Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

The Distance Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course is of six to eight months duration and is divided into many phases and modules. It comes at a competitive fee of INR 18,000/280 USD and is available for residents of India as well as abroad. The course materials and videos are couriered upon payment and enrolment. At the end of each module, a candidate has to send assignments for correction and those are sent back by the tutors within 7 to 10 days. The assignments can be sent for evaluation by post or by email. The candidates have to dedicate last two months for research and upon successful completion are rewarded the certification.