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Without an inspiring and informed teacher education for all will never be a reality

Asian College of Teachers is a name highly regarded and respected for its plethora of quality teacher training courses. In recent years, it has yet again successfully introduced its ‘Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course. This is a unique course that combines the best of both the worlds- Pre-primary teachers training course and that of a Primary teachers training course.

The benefits of ACT’s ‘Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training’ are many with the first being that it is a suitable course for teachers wishing to teach kids ranging from the ages between two to twelve years. Whether it is one’s wish to be a pre-primary teacher or a primary teacher, this course would be an appropriate choice. A pre-primary teachers training course or a primary teachers training course cater to the requirements of teaching at only one school level but this course is a combination of both providing the teachers a wider scope of career growth.

Furthermore, ACT’s Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training provide the same amount of focus as an individual pre-primary or a primary teachers training course would have done. This course is very scientifically designed to incorporate the latest developments in the field of teaching young learners. It familiarizes the trainees with child psychology and their emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioural patterns as they grow from two years to twelve years. This course is aimed to help teachers to systematically plan, execute and evaluate lessons suitable for this particular age group. In this course, the trainees are inspired to become creative and experiment and learn the various many tools and techniques adopted in this modern day to teach kids. It helps teachers to keep motivated and make the process of teaching and learning fun and instructive.

The other major benefit of the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course is that it is available in both online and distance modes. Candidates residing outside of India or in remote parts of India with no internet access can easily sign up for the Distance course and all the study material would be sent to them vie mail. The candidates pursuing the Distance course can also maintain correspondence via mail with ACT’s tutors. The Online mode is a great option for experienced teachers or even students wishing to sign up for a Diploma program without interrupting their busy schedules. All the study material is accessible online after the payment of the course and candidates can pursue the course from anywhere with an internet connection at their own convenience while avoiding to spend money and time in travelling. Also, Asian College of Teachers provides 100% job assistance to all the candidates upon successful completion of the course.

ACT’s Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training is also very reasonably priced at Rs. 16,500/250 USD for the Online mode and Rs. 18,000/280 USD for the Correspondence course. Only candidates residing outside of India would be required to pay an additional 25 USD as Distance dispatchment fee.