Course Syllabus

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Distance Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course

The Distance Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course is divided into a number of modules. On the completion of each module, trainees are given assignments which are to be completed in a given timeframe and submitted for evaluation. Once the assignments are evaluated, the candidate is allowed to move ahead with the next module. The last assignment after all the modules are successfully finished is to research and write a thesis within two months.

Teaching practice sessions are not mandatory but are highly recommended by ACT.

Module 1

Unit 1 – Educational Psychology

Unit 2 – Characteristics of Y.L

Unit 3 – Principles and Approaches


Unit 1 – Language

Unit 2 – Instructional Strategies

Module 3

Unit 1 – Resource management

Unit 2 – Evaluation

Unit 3 – Classroom management

Module 4(optional)

Teaching Practice Sessions – Pre-school

Teaching Practice Sessions – Primary School

Online Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course

Nine phases make up the online pre & primary teachers training course. Assignments are set at the end of phases and upon completion in a specified timeframe, these assignments are evaluated and sent back to the trainee to work on the areas of improvement. After the eight phases are over, the candidate is expected to research on a project work and write a thesis, which forms the basic level of evaluation.

Teaching practice is not compulsorily but we at ACT strongly recommend it to all the candidates.

Phase 1 - Course objective and educational psychology

Phase 2 - Characteristics of young learners

Phase 3 - Principles and approaches

Phase 4 - Language

Phase 5 - Classroom management

Phase 6 - Instructive strategies

Phase 7 - Resource management

Phase 8 - Evaluation & lesson planning

Phase 9 - Diploma module