Montessori Teaching

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Montessori teaching comprises of training kids about the world and environment around them while giving a free reign to the imagination and curiosity inherent in every child. Montessori teaching is responsible for providing the basic education to children aged between two and twelve years of age.

Montessori teaching involves careful planning and execution of curriculums that excites a child and is easily understandable. Kids of this age are physically restless and Montessori teaching implies utilizing their energy and channelling it into a positive direction. Teaching kids has to be done through interesting games and activities, which help in providing knowledge to the kids and also helps them to build social interaction skills.

Montessori teaching focuses on a child’s cognitive, emotional and neurological development. It provides the basis based on which a child later grows and develops a unique personality. Hence, Montessori teachers have to be highly trained and possess the appropriate skills to plan and execute lessons in a way that learning becomes pleasurable for these young kids.

Montessori teaching is about providing the basic knowledge to the kids about the world around them and also about helping them to interact and develop language skills.