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Teaching as an occupation has always been respected but unfortunately, in spite of the scopes for improvement, teachers training still remains as one of the most exploited academic fields in India. A Forum has been made to voice against this exploitation and this Forum’s purpose is to provide a new light to teacher training in India.

The facilities and remuneration packages given to teachers have improved to a large extent in the recent past. But research and development on teachers’ training has not improved and has remained stagnant for many years. Even though some great academicians live and work in Kolkata, there is no appropriate platform for them to share and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Asian College of Teachers is dedicated to improve the standards of teacher training and incorporate the latest advancements in teaching and educational field in its curriculums. ACT has formed this Forum specifically for this reason and warmly welcomes teachers, academicians and professionals to be members. Regular meetings of this Forum would help in sharing and gaining knowledge for everyone.

Activities of the Board

  • The core team is dedicated to share their expertise and knowledge and comprises of 25 to 30 teachers and professionals.
  • ACT attempts to organize at least two conferences of academicians in a year.
  • One of the conferences is held at the international level probably involving academicians from different countries.
  • ACT intends to start e-Magazine to allow the venture to get more exposure globally.
  • The plan is to put in place workshops for teachers to acquaint them with the latest advancements in the field of education and enhance their skills by mutual sharing of knowledge and experience.

About the Sponsor

Asian College of Teachers is a renowned teacher training organization and sponsors the Board of Academics. ACT has been associated and its products affiliated and recognized by the most profound educational institutes from different parts of the world. A wide variety of international institutes, government bodies, academic institutes, schools and placement agencies work in very close quarters with ACT. This institute started operations in the year of 2007 and since then has emerged as a reputed and distinguished teachers’ training institute in Asia.

Asian College of Teachers started off with its signature TEFL and TESOL courses, which have helped produce many trained and skilled second language English teachers. After achieving success, ACT decided to venture into other areas of teacher training courses. In India, ACT started off with the Pre & Primary Teachers Training with Specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language course and now covers the entire gambit of teacher training courses.

The International Montessori Council, International Montessori Society, USETTA, iLEARN, USDLA, Central Florida TESOL, Georgia Department of Education, 'Interpark Communications', Talkbean are some of the institutes that recognize and accredit Asian College of Teachers.


We encourage participation of teachers from different teaching fields and look forward to getting new members. Those wishing to become a member can visit our office in Kolkata or send us an email at

The address of our office is:
Asian College of Teachers
Merlin Acropolis
Unit No. 15/4 , 14th Floor
1858/1 Rajdanga Main Road
Kolkata 700107
Phone : Kolkata +91 90739 12937